Aubre Hill  is an international dance artist, choreographer, master teacher and event producer. Her training includes extensive years in Raks Sharqi Bellydance, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hiphop, Musical Theatre, Pilates, and Folk dance. This training helped develop a style original to Aubre's artistic voice, which gave her a place onstage with the Bellydance Superstars and countless other theatre and concert productions. Performing across Europe, Egypt, Asia, and North America, she has become one of the most sought after dance artists, including residences at the Folies Bergere, acclaimed guest artist for "Fuse the World,” and her own show on the Discovery channel.

Aubre created the Lumina Dance Company after coming off tour and wishing to push the ideas and expectations of bellydance. This company has gone on to influence and change the scene of bellydance with many company members moving onto successful solo and group careers. She has produced a wide range of performances including "Sketches of Arabia," "Once Upon a Dream," "From Folk to Fusion," "Noir Romantique," and “The Nutcracker~ a bellydance tale” bringing together artists from different genres and backgrounds to express and explore various themes as well as the Qabila Cultural Weekend Intensive and was voted 2014's top promoter of the year. In collaboration with Princess Farhana, “Sparkle Revue” brought back the glamorous showgirl in four different shows featuring top burlesque and vaudeville acts featuring the Luminettes. And in 2017, Aubre produced two unique dance festivals focusing on workshops with renown artists and full performances~ LA Drom & LA Fuse.

In balance with pushing the boundaries, Aubre continues to be a resource of traditional Arabic folk dance. In the fall of 2011, she founded one of the first all Arabic folk dance companies in the United States, the Qabila Foundation, and she is commonly seen performing & teaching extreme fusion & expression along side tradition & historical culture. She is the co-director of LA Raqs, an online resource for the Southern California bellydance community. Her technical finesse and emotive soul bring together the elements to move and inspire audiences around the world.